Hailing from Half Moon Bay, CA the Half Moon Band is a fun, high energy band serving up an eclectic blend of jazz standards and pop/rock crossover tunes in their own unique style. Patty Dougherty on vocals, Luis Rojas on guitar, Alan Lee on keys, Peter Dippery on drums and John Higham on bass form the lineup of this fun and versatile group.

Upcoming Events

March 21, 2020, Saturday @ 7 - 9 pm
The Wine Room - Moss Beach
2305 Carlos St.
Moss Beach, CA
(650) 728-9463

April 25, 2020, Saturday @ 7 - 9 pm
Freewheel Brewing Company - Redwood City
3736 Florence St.
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 365-2337

May 22, 2020, Friday @ 7 - 9 pm
Cafe Zoe - Menlo Park
1929 Menalto Ave.
Menlo Park, CA
(650) 322-1926

June 13, 2020, Saturday @ 7:30 - 10 pm
Odd Fellows Concert Series - Half Moon Bay
Ocean View Lodge 143
526 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 712-0718

July 17, 2020, Friday @ 6 - 9 pm
Devil's Canyon Brewing Company - San Carlos
935 Washington St.
San Carlos, CA
(650) 592-2739

November 8, 2020, Sunday @ 6 - 9 pm
Ozumo Santana Row - San Jose 
355 Santana Row
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 886-3090

December 6, 2020, Sunday @ 6 - 9 pm
Ozumo Santana Row - San Jose 
355 Santana Row
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 886-3090


In lieu of being able to hear the Half Moon Band live, please enjoy some remotely created shelter-in-place performances.


"When I first planned on seeing The Half Moon Band at the Wine Room in Moss Beach, I was very excited to hear a local jazz band. The Half Moon Band did not disappoint. They deftly perform across the spectrum of jazz standards, rock & pop. This group was a surprising collection of talent and professionalism for me to listen to and enjoy immensely. Led by singer Patty Dougherty whose voice has beautiful range and pitch, she is joined by incredible musicians Luis Rojas, Alan Lee, Peter Dippery and John Higham. If you have the chance to see this band, make sure you do!  Wonderful entertainment!"
– Stan Dudek

"The Half Moon Band is amazing! They are such great entertainers and musicians. Their lead singer Patty Dougherty not only has an incredible voice and range, but a lively sense of humor between sets - she keeps the crowd laughing and energized and it's always fun to hear her background stories about the music. Speaking of the music, one of my favorite things about the band is the wide scope of their sets and their ability to skillfully perform songs across different genres and time periods. Highly recommend you attend one of their performances, you'll soon be coming back and inviting your family and friends to join you."
– Katie Debski

"Patty and her band are amazing!!! I have seen them play in person and they sound fantastic!! I had the band play at my wedding and it made that day so much more special!! To hear a beautiful voice like Patty sing and great musicians play on your wedding day is priceless!!"
– Melissa Avila

"The Half Moon Band is my favorite band on the Coast Side. They play everything from jazz to 60s and 70s music. The band members are very talented in what they do. If you have not heard them they should not be missed. I look forward to hearing them every chance I get! A+ in my book." 
– Teresa Marcu

"I just want to give a review for the Half Moon Band. The singer is Patti. We first heard Patti and the musicians at The Wine Room, a cozy, comfy place on the coast. We really enjoyed their music, and my husband-to-be wanted a live group at our wedding, and after listening to this group that night and another time, we thought we would inquire if they might book for our wedding reception. They were wonderful, dressed so professionally, their music was perfect. We received so many compliments from people at the reception re "The Band"! and inquiries from the Event Coordinator at the reception as to how to contact them for future referrals. We would highly recommend the Half Moon Band." 
– Catherine Chomiw