Half Moon Band - left to right - John Higham (bass), Peter Dippery (drums), Patty Dougherty (vocals), Alan Lee (keyboard), Luis Rojas (guitar)

Main and Elm, Redwood City, CA - July 2018

Angelica's, Redwood City, CA - November 2017

The Wine Room, Moss Beach, CA - October 2017
The Wine Room   Luis Rojas, Patty Dougherty, Alan Lee   Luis Rojas   Luis Rojas, Peter Dippery, Patty Dougherty, Alan Lee, John Higham   Patty Dougherty, Peter Dippery, Alan Lee, John Higham   guitar   drums   Luis Rojas   Patty Dougherty, John Higham   Patty Dougherty, John Higham   Luis Rojas   

Nick's, Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, CA - June 2016
John Higham, Patty Dougherty, Luis Rojas    Patty Dougherty, Alan Lee, John Higham, Luis Rojas    Alan Lee, Patty Dougherty, John Higham    Luis Rojas    Alan Lee    John Higham    Barry Hutcherson (guest drummer)    Patty Dougherty   

Angelica's, Redwood City, CA - June 2016
Luis Rojas, Patty Dougherty    Peter Dippery, Patty Dougherty, John Higham    Alan Lee, Peter Dippery, Luis Rojas, Patty Dougherty    Alan Lee, Luis Rojas

Here Comes The Sun Coffeehouse, Montara, CA - May 2016
Peter Dippery, Alan Lee, Patty Dougherty, Luis Rojas, John Higham    Peter Dippery, Patty Dougherty, Luis Rojas    John Higham, Peter Dippery, Patty Dougherty, Alan Lee, Luis Rojas    Amber McGaw with the band